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Digital Products

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I'm full off all kinds of stuff from KDP interiors, voicemail greetings, to digital prints.  All kinds of downloadable products and all for .99 cents!!!


Here you can find a variety of logbooks, activity book, composition notebooks, sketch books, sticker books, guitar tablature books and much much more!


Check out the latest in t-shirts, coffee mugs, leggings, bags, duvets, shower curtains, stickers, prints, aprons, dresses, jigsaw puzzles, clocks, phone cases, and everything else under the sun!

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See all the digital prints of the prolific artist B. Patrick.  View these colorful prints at the Square Root of Squid shop at



Are you in the market for video game audio assets?  Find it here.  A variety of themes for the indie video game developer can found here.  Just click that button!

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